MDIBI Logistics & Projects.

leading supplier of rail track infrustructure, Fire Equipment, Heavy-duty Industrial Machines and more.......

Welcome to mdibi Logistics & projects

Most innovative company servicing South Africa & Africa at large.

Mdibi Projects and Logistics is a leading supplier of Rail Track
Infrastructure, Fire Equipment, Heavy-duty Industrial Machines, Electronic Power Tools, Medical Equipment and ICT Accessories.

Mdibi Logistics & Projects has been operating for 13 years in South Africa, we believe Mdibi is one of the most innovative companies servicing South Africa & Africa at large.

Our services

Rail Track infrustructure

We specialize in construction, maintenance and upgrading of railway track system.

heavy Duty industrial machines

We are suppliers of a wide range off Heavy industrial machines including: construction excavators, Front End Loader, Drill machines and more....

Fire equipment

We are premium suppliers of fire equipment in South Africa. We supply Fire Engines, Heavy Duty, Rescue set Hoses & Hose Reels and more...

medical Equipment

We offer a wide range of medical equipment, including: Hospital Beds, Laboratory Equipment, Diagnostic Equipment,Dental Equipment Medical and more...

Electronic Power Tools

We supplier all sorts of Electronic tools including: Drills; Grinders; Demolition Hammers, Reciprocation Saws.

ICT Supplies

We have been supplying ICT equipment for the past 11 years including: Computers, Laptops, Servers, Cameras and more....

We pride ourselves for Giving excellent service

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